If you have decided that you are ready to have sex, it is important to sort out your contraception and protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) first. This will make sure you are protected from unplanned pregnancy and infections.

There are many different types of contraception and different types suit different people.

Some types of contraception are long-acting, such as the injection, implant and coil (IUD and IUS). These long-acting types of contraception are the most reliable way you can protect yourself from unplanned pregnancy. You don’t have to think about them every day or every time you have sex. These types of contraception are called Long Acting Reversible Contraception or ‘LARC’ for short.

BUT... remember, only condoms protect against STIs. In Lambeth you can get FREE condoms even if you are under 16 from Sexual Health Clinics, GUM (Genito-Urinary Medicine) Clinics, The Brook Centre, some pharmacies and GPs as well as sites distributing condoms as part of the pan-London Condom Distribution Scheme (see services page for details)

Check out all the options in the section below to help you decide which type of contraception is best for you. You can also visit your local Reproductive and Sexual Health Clinic to discuss your choices with a nurse or doctor.

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